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DeepAssess Organizational Diagnostics

With DeepAssess Organizational Diagnostics, we thoroughly analyze your culture and systems and identify opportunities for continued progress. We conduct quantitative surveys of your staff and interview of 5% – 7% of the population, analyze results, and present recommendations.

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Book our CEO, Eduardo Briceño, to speak about the key drivers of learning and high performance, to introduce key concepts and build excitement for the journey ahead.

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Whether synchronous, and/or asynchronous, through e-learning, live, and/or hybrid, we can partner with you to introduce, support, and activate habits for learning and high performance in your organization. We are here to work with a few executives or thousands of employees as you progress through your organizational development journey.

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Unforgettable App™

Digital flashcards app to help your staff develop key knowledge

Bonding Stories™

Gamified conversations to foster trust, understanding, and relationships

Intellectual Property Licensing

Organization-wide learning, reflection, planning, collaboration, and communication tools

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We can partner to support you along your journey to build a growth mindset culture of learning and high performance. We can provide:

  • Assessments of your culture and systems
  • Reviews/recommendations of key communications messages
  • Consulting
  • Leadership coaching
  • Intellectual Property licensing

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