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Paradoxically, if we focus only on performing, our performance suffers.
That’s “the performance paradox.”

The rip currents of life are invisible. They keep us treading water. The result is:

  • A sole focus on getting things done, which keeps us from expanding our effectiveness
  • We mistakenly think the solution is to work harder and longer
  • We don’t realize effort to perform is different from effort to improve
  • We fear sharing our thoughts, which hinders both learning and performing
  • We haven’t learned how to learn while doing

Create an Organization Where People Love To Grow

Discover how to journey differently to reach higher and more delightful destinations

Benefits of Overcoming the Performance Paradox

  • Align on a bold, shared vision
  • Drive change and growth
  • Foster equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Support open, honest communications
  • Recruit, onboard, and develop for growth
  • Persevere when challenges arise
  • Equip your staff and customers to succeed

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